Madame Nadine gaining International Attention

Local jewelry designer invited to Cannes & Fashion Fest.

Cover Photo Credit: Cindy Couture Photography

“Big things are happening right now,” Madame Nadine exclaimed, “I’ve been invited to Cannes!” The DPA Gifting Lounge 2017 at the Carlton intercontinental hotel in May in France. Separate from the official Cannes Film Festival, the gifting lounge will be visited by many of the actors and celebrities that will take part in the internationally acclaimed film festival.

The DPA Gifting Lounge 2017 is a third party organization that puts items on display for celebrities to browse. If a celebrity likes the item they will take it, at no charge. “She’s known throughout the world,” Madame Nadine explains, the DPA Gifting Lounge 2017 is very exclusive, just over 20 brands from across the world are invited. Of those only four are jewelry designers; Italian Amoree Bacci, French Libe & Lulle and Les Dissonances, and Canadian Madame Nadine. Madame Nadine confirms she will be the only Canadian designer in the gifting lounge. “When you’re called to go, it’s like wow! You go- you do it!” Madame Nadine says it’s one of the highest honours she’s received so far as a jewelry designer.

The teacher by day, designer by passion has been gaining a lot of attention this year. Recently, her designs have been seen on models in international magazine; including the cover of La Palme Magazine with Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell. The magazine also featured a spread with Shay Mitchell wearing Madame Nadine’s jewelry. “People have been contacting me for fashion photos,” Madame Nadine explains designers or photographers will often request her jewelry for fashion shoots or magazines.

Madame Nadine will have a runway show at Fashion Fest in Edmonton, “I’ve been invited to do a show with my jewelry.” Unlike the Western Canadian Fashion Week, where Madame Nadine teamed up with local designer EME Designs, this time around she will be holding a solo show. The show will be held on June 16th & 17th, with Madame Nadine’s show on the 17th. The show will feature fashion shows, beauty, health, demos, and more. Tickets are available online.

Madame Nadine hopes to hold another fashion show locally, like the one she and EME Designs held prior to Western Canadian Fashion Week at Beantrees Cafe, “if I can do it again, I will. It brings Cold Lake together and shows that we have so much happening in Cold Lake,” the designer has always approached fashion with a collaborative attitude. She is known to work with local designers, photographers, make-up artists and models. In fact, the Beantrees Cafe show featured local women, some of whom had never modeled before. “It was so much fun for the models.”

“I’m getting known more, people are contacting me. It’s opening more doors,” Madame Nadine says she’s excited for what the future may bring. You can purchase Madame Nadine’s designs at local craft shows, dates of the events are posted on her Facebook Page. Please contact the designer if you are a retailer looking for wholesale.