Wednesday , 8 July 2020

County of St. Paul Declares Ag Disaster

Wet Autumn & early winter causes County to declare state of Ag Disaster.

On April 25th, the County of St. Paul Council unanimously voted to declare a state of Agricultural Disaster within the County of St. Paul.

Th County of St. Paul experienced excessive moisture in the fall of 2016. The excessive amounts of precipitation resulted in 20-30 percent of annual cereal crops being left unharvested, as per Alberta Agriculture Crop Final Report of 2016. Producers reported poor yields and reduced quality of crops that were harvested.

As of April 25th, 2017, the Municipality has received three times the average amount of moisture, as per data from Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development statistics. These conditions will delay seeding, dealing with unharvested crops from 2016, and reduce the ability for producers to seed wheat and canola (cash crops). Producers will also be unable to seed all their cultivated acres, due to the wet conditions.

The County of St. Paul is committed to supporting our local producers who are key to the economic stability of our municipality.

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