Cold Lake Peewee Football Off to Positive Start

Cold Lake will have a peewee football program for the first time ever starting this spring. Information meetings were held on May 4 for parents of bantam and peewee players. About 30 parents were in attendance.

Peewee football draws interest

“I think we’re gonna be fine for numbers. [We] got a few extra coaches out. We have a few former players who have kids coming up, who will be helping out as well.” Kelly Johnson, Royals Football Head Coach, says.

New coaches get to learn

The plan for the peewee coaching staff is for the senior and bantam coaches to mentor the peewee coaches. Kelly Johnson will most likely be the head coach for the peewee team. There will be a spring camp for peewee, and then a fall schedule.

Peewee players excited

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. We had some grade six kids in bantam last year. They’re really excited, they get to stay in peewee football and know what they’re doing.” Coach Johnson explains.

Peewee football practices get underway on May 15.