Friday , 3 July 2020

24 Hours for KidSport

Curtis Hargrove helps raise over $4,000 for local non-profit

The Cold Lake Runner, Curtis Hargrove strapped on his Salming Running shoes for a 24 hour runathon to benefit KidSport Bonnyville. The local philanthropist, who raised $4253.65 in the 24 hours, explains that when he heard KidSport was in need of funds, he knew he had to do something.

“Sports has always been a major part of my life; it helped shape me into the person I am and I don’t know where I’d be without sports,” Curtis believes in the importance of physical activity, as well as the life lessons learned through sports, “it taught be leadership and teammanship, as well as how to look out for the whole; rather than just me.”

Curtis explains the idea to run 24 hours straight was kinda planted in his head from Lakeland Connect, “when I saw the story (about KidSport) on LCN I texted Jena right away and I’m not sure who suggested it, but… the two of us joked around about running on the C2 track for an entire day to raise awareness and money for KidSport.”

“This was truly a great experience and definitely a lot harder then one can imagine,” Curtis says his main motivation to keep going was the kids. “Everyone’s first question was ‘you’re going to run for 24 hrs straight?’. I did not run for 24 hrs straight, it was a mixture of running, dancing , breaks and walking (especially as it got later in the night) due to my legs wanting to fall off but we never gave up.” Even local schools got involved in Curtis’ run, “it really meant a lot to me to have over 300 kids on the track from both Dr. Brosseau and HE Bougoin School getting some physical activity while showing their support to KidSport.”

Here are some cool stats for the Runathon

  • 90km (Close to 120km in total with all other team members mileage)
  • 504 Laps
  • Over 100,000 steps
  • 10,000 calories burned
  • 463 songs played with an avg of 4-8 mins for some songs.
  • Roughly 900km done by students ( Most avg 3km)
  • Most importantly, over $4,200 raised for KidSport!

“I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone involved with this project including my partner Jena (and Husband Chad) Lakelandconnect.net, Greg G&C DJ Services for rocking the tunes and staying the whole 24 hrs, KidSport team Victoria for spending the night so we could do this, Brad and Kara for coming out, C2 staff Bree, Charlene and Sue, Salming Running North America for the clothing/show sponsor, Thinkwerx Inc. for the awesome shirts, 660 oilfield services for matching $5/km, Pita Pit Bonnyville for lunch , Express Pizza Plus for supper, Dr.Brosseau School, HEB School, Cold Lake Sun , Bonnyville Nouvelle and to everyone who supported/donated to this event, whether you made it out or cheered on from afar.”



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