Julie Chorney Nominated for Excellence in Catholic Education

Lakeland Catholic is pleased to announce Julie Chorney as this year’s nominee for Excellence in Catholic Education

This year Lakeland Catholic School District’s nominee for the Excellence in Catholic Education Award is Julie Chorney.

Julie credits Catholic Education with playing a major role in forming and sustaining her very being. When the Chorney family moved to Cold Lake in 2002, Julie began working with Lakeland Catholic School District. Through her service as a classroom teacher (Assumption Junior/Senior High School) and District-level Coach/Coordinator, Julie has continued to grow in her own faith while serving the needs of others.
Julie and her family have been active in both St. Dominic and Our Lady of the Assumption parishes in Cold Lake since their arrival in the city. Because she truly believes that all are welcome in Catholic schools, she has constantly sought means for everyone to feel invited and valued in our parishes.

As a district New Teacher Coach and Curriculum Coordinator, Julie carried her love of both teaching Religious Education and permeating faith into her work.
Julie continues to actively pursue studies which form her personal faith in areas of specific interest, including both formal and informal courses and retreats. Julie says, “I am so honoured to be nominated for this award. I believe that authentic dedication to the beauty of Catholic Education must be shared lovingly and openly, both in word and deed. I am thankful that the Lord has given me the courage to champion Catholic Education and herald its necessity in all circumstances.”
Congratulations Julie on being nominated as the year’s recipient for Excellence in Catholic Education.