Shelter Belt Program Sold Out

MD provides trees to residents at reduced cost to help protect farm land

The Municipal District of Bonnyville Director of Agriculture and Waste Services, Matt Janz, spoke to MD Council on Wednesday and reported that the Shelter Belt Program is sold out. The popular program provides trees for MD residents to help create a shelter for their farm land, from wind and other elements. “We are sold out of our shelter belt trees for 2017,” reports Janz, “we had placed a few different orders and every time we increase the orders, they’ve been selling out quickly.”

“We’re having a little more of a harder time trying to get trees in,” due to the difficulty in restocking, Janz reports that the program will be closed for the year. In 2017, 7,750 trees were brought in, with 150 people participating in the program, “those will be handed out in May, when the trees arrive.” The cost of the trees differ depending on the type, says Janz, “if it’s a poplar tree, it’s less than a dollar a tree. When you get into the specialized trees they can be up to two or three dollars a tree.” The trees must be bought and paid for before the MD will place an order.

“This is probably our largest volume,” Janz says he is pleased to see the popularity of the program continue to grow.