Canadiens welcome Onion Lake for first game after Christmas

The St Paul Jr B Canadiens had some well-deserved and much-needed time two weeks off during the holiday season, to really take in what a stellar start to the season they’ve had. With a 20-2-1 record, the Canadiens sit second in the Northeast Junior B Hockey League (NEJBHL), just two points below the Wainwright Bison.

Coach Joe Young, says the club took the time off to enjoy family and friends and shake off a pair of tough loses, one against Killiam on December 16th (3-2) and another against Wainwright on December 23rd (3-1). The squad took to the ice at the Clancy Richard on Thursday evening to get back into the groove and prepare for Friday’s match versus the Onion Lake Border Chiefs.

The next few days will really be a test for many players on the Canadiens, with the NEAJBHL roster deadline on January 10th. Coach Young says he knows a lot of the success the team has been experiencing starts in the dressing room, where the off-ice chemistry between the players has been tremendous. At the same time, the coach has a job to do, “we are actively trying to make our team better. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be doing ourselves any favours. Obviously, we’re a very good team right now. But, we’d pick up one or two guys, if we could and we’re working on that right now. If it comes to happen, we’re happy and if not we’re still happy with the club we have going forward.”

The team takes to the ice against the Border Chiefs Friday at 8:00 pm, WIN tickets to the game on LCN!