Thursday , 13 May 2021

St. Paul RCMP initiate Pro-active enforcement team

St. Paul RCMP will deal with crime head on with new approach

This week, St. Paul RCMP launched a new initiative aimed at reducing crime in the St. Paul and County municipal areas. Over the next several months two officers will be out walking the beat and dealing with emerging crime trends.

“This initiative is a way for the RCMP in St. Paul to deal with trends proactively, versus waiting for issues to become larger problems” said Staff. Sgt Lee Brachmann.

The two officer pro-active enforcement team will be out speaking with local businesses and the general public about any concerns they may be having about crimes in their areas. Members will be focussing on “hotspots” that have seen increased criminal activity such as thefts, property damage, vandalism, and vagrancy.

These areas are identified by reliable local knowledge through crime analysis techniques that tend to shift at times. These crime areas may be historically plagued by crime or may be transient problem areas.

“The focus will be on pro-active duties and being very visible. The members will be out doing more foot patrols in areas where concerns have been identified,” said Brachmann.

“We have spoken with elected officials and community groups regarding an increase in property crimes and areas that we can look at to try and prevent further incidents.”

The ultimate goals of crime reduction are to lower crime rates, reduce the fear of crime, and reduce the impact of anti-social behaviours in our community.

*Press Release from the St. Paul RCMP Detachment 

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