Monday , 14 June 2021

Elk Point FCSS celebrates Growth since Merging with County

A look back on a year since the County of St. Paul & Town of Elk Point merged FCSS

“Elk Point office is a really different office,” laughs director of FCSS for the County of St. Paul & Town of Elk Point, Janice Fodchuk. Some months in Elk Point are rolling, whereas other months it may be slower, but it is still essential to have a part-time person in Elk Point every week to handle the workload. Right now, the FCSS is preparing for the annual Registration Night, which last year saw over 280 people, “that is extremely impressive for a town this size; in fact St. Paul didn’t have those numbers [of attendees].”

Fodchuk says since the County & Town merged FCSS in July of 2015, the program has grown immensely;  in the services provided, number of people aware of the programming and in staff. While it may appear to be “open” less hours, that is not the case. There is one part-time employee working out of the Elk Point office, the Eco Centre, on a regular basis. Fodchuk is also part-time in Elk Point and there are four summer step employees.

The step employees have really stepped up the summer programming, by offering science afternoons, movie-in-the-park, Amazing Race and more. Fodchuck says they have been a “huge help” to the program and she anticipates FCSS will be granted four step employees next summer. “The government wants to see employment that offers a wide range of skills, and that’s what we offer. The students are able to travel around the communities and try different things.”

FCSS continued to offer income tax filing for low income rate payers, the babysitting course, and home alone course. Fodchuk says FCSS may explore only offering the babysitting and home alone course every second year since attendance wasn’t as high as hoped for. One program that was extremely popular was the iPad Training Course. The course, funding in part by a government grant was attended by at least 20 people in every community. FCSS held four separate courses in each community, each very popular and well-attended.

Other programs FCSS offers out of the Elk Point office include:

  • High Heels & Spurs: Self Esteem Program for teens with Tiffany Dowhan
  • Distracted Driving Presentation RAD
  • Welcome Baby Packages
  • Welcome to the Community Packages
  • Seniors Abuse Awareness and Outreach
  • Community Counselling Programs
  • Snow Angel Program
  • Referrals & Inquires

Registration night is September 6th  at the Allied Arts Centre.

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