Free Family Fun at Hayin’ in the 30s this Weekend

“We have a complete lineup of what people did in the 1930’s,” the free event features loads of family friendly attractions, explains President of Hayin’ in the 30s, Lorne Buryn. “We have horse drawn wagon rides.” The annual event, in Mallaig, features the biggest horse drawn parade in Alberta and a Saturday evening dance. All events are free, “we only ask for a donation to support cancer patients,” confirms Buryn.

Everything is free here, free camping, free food, free entertainment. All we ask is that people make a donation at the booth for our cause; which is to help people with cancer. – Lorne Buryn President Hayin’ in the 30s

Hayin’ in the 30s is a non-profit organization that support people going through the cancer treatment process, “we treat everyone as equals.” Buryn explains cancer doesn’t distinguish between rich or poor, young or old, it affects everyone and that’s why the organization aims to help everyone. “Last year, during the weekend of Hayin’ in the 30s, we made $230,000. We are a year-round organization and help people year-round who have cancer.”

On average we help one person with cancer per day. – Lorne Buryn President Hayin’ in the 30s

The weekend event is to celebrate families and Albertan traditions. “We have kids activities, face-painting, branding rope making, all kinds of little [activities],” says Buryn. The organization also offers free camping for the entire weekend and a dance Saturday night.

“If you’re a person living with cancer, and you’re going for treatment, we will help you with expenses like travel, meals, parking; those kind of things that nobody else will pay for,” explains Buryn. To apply for help from Hayin in the 30s or to learn more about the organization you can visit Hayin’ in the 30s online.

The event is held Saturday and Sunday, kicking off with the horse drawn parade on July 30th at 10:30 am sharp. Come early to get an ideal spot on the parade route. There is a free shuttle service from Elk Point & St. Paul thanks to Extreme Oilfield Services to the event.