Saturday , 8 August 2020

CAP Arena Undergoing a Facelift

The CAP Arena in St. Paul will be undergoing a “much-needed” facelift. The rink was a finalist in Kraft’s Hockeyville, which won the facility $25,000 for improvements. Some of the work will be done to make the building more accessible and aesthetically pleasing. The committee realizes there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and $25,000 can only go so far, so they have approached to Town of St. Paul for assistance in keeping the cost of the repairs and improvements done.

The committee has requested of the Town the use of the Public Work’s department staff and equipment to remove the concrete steps and ramp in front of the rink. The steps and ramp will be redone with improved functionality to make it easier for kids and parents to get into the facility. The plan is to make one wide doorway, rather than four small single doors; which would allow for better accessibility for large hockey bags. With all the re-arranging the landscaping will need to be redone and the committee has requested that the Town provide materials, such as dirt, to help with the landscaping.

The Town of St. Paul voted to approve the use of Public Works staff and equipment and will remove the concrete. Further the Town will provide landscaping material and help set the committee up with information on a new Government Accessibility Grant. The grant matches funds put into projects that aim to make public facilities more accessible; a perfect match for the CAP Arena.

The committee is looking to do other repairs, such as work to the roof at the same time. The goal is to find similar exterior colours to match the Clancy Richard Arena and the AG Society’s facility.  The original cost for all the improvements, including the roof and the removal of the concrete, to tender out to a contractor is $60,000-80,000. The committee reports costs would be reduced considerably since the Town allows for use of Public Works to remove concrete and provide landscaping materials.

The committee foresees Public Works to be able to remove the concrete in half a day and hopes for the job to be completed by the end of the summer; with all the renovations done by the start of the hockey season.

Mayor Glenn Andersen says minor hockey has grown over the years and has made great use of the CAP Arena, “the arena is pretty much turning into minor hockey’s facility and it allows for more ice time.” Mayor Andersen raised kids through the hockey system and recalls when the rink wasn’t available, “I think they’ve done a tremendous job on the volunteerism.”

The committee has also planned a golf tournament in September, and have asked the Town to waive the green fees. The Town has tabled the decision on that until a further Council meeting to allow Administration to research cost and precedent. The Town is reluctant to waive the fees because it would set a precedent for other non-profits to request the same of the Town and the fees are already set for non-profit events to only cover costs.

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