Lake2Land Stand Up Paddling is for everyone

One of the hottest summer trends on the waters of the Lakeland is Stand Up Paddling (SUP). If you haven’t tried SUP yet, local fitness & yoga instructor, Alyssa Kozicky wants you to know the sport is perfect for all ages and abilities – it’s not a balancing act, it’s a calming experience.

“We are moving around on a SUP board atop water,” explains Alyssa,  “there is no guarantee you wont get wet and we ask everyone to come in with an open mind and willingness to learn and just have fun with it. Some people fall in, some people don’t, everyone is at a different point on the learning curve and that’s what makes it fun. I get a ton of comments about how surprised people are that they weren’t falling in the water the entire time.”

SUP is so universal and can be enjoyed by almost every demographic from kids up to seniors. It can be used as a tool to improve upon one’s athletic performance, a way to get outdoors and explore or relax, or go with friends and it turns into a fun and active social hour. -Alyssa Kozicky Certified SUP Instructor Lake2Land Lifestyle

Like many people from the Lakeland, being on the water is home to Alyssa, “I grew up on a lake outside of Edmonton so being on the water is like home to me,” says the owner of Lake2Land Lufestyle. “Stand up paddle allows me to get out onto any lake and enjoy the water in an active or relaxing way.”

Alyssa lives in St. Paul and teaches SUP at various lakes in the Lakeland during the summer. She’s taken lessons to Kehewin Lake, Stoney Lake, Minnie Lake, Moose Lake, and more! Growing up in the competitive figure skating world, she took her love of fitness with her through life. “I grew up a competitive figure skater, so I was working out in gyms and with fitness trainers from a young age. I started running half marathons once my skating days were over while at the same time working as an assistant manager at a gym in Edmonton. So needless to say I actually LOVE being active.” She’s professionally certified instructor of Stand up Paddle, Group Fitness, Childrens fitness and Figure skating.

We are very mobile! We can pack up our boards and meet you and your group on almost any body of water. – Alyssa Kozicky Certified SUP Instructor Lake2Land Lifestyle

“It was during my time working at the gym where I found my passion for group exercise classes as I participated in a ton of them.” Alyssa says she had a real appreciation and admiration for those who lead the classes. “I was always a little envious of the instructors as their job looked so fun and now that I am one I will have to say it is.” SUP classes are group designed and a great way to be active with friends or to meet new people in your area. “I love working with groups large or small, motivating people to be active all while truly enjoying the experience and being social. As an instructor one of my main goals in all my classes is for the time to feel like it flew by and no one is watching the clock, counting down the minutes.”

A great motivating class for people looking to take it to the next level is SUP Fitness. Lake2Land teams up with another local fitness instructor from Pulse Fitness, Lauren Sieffert and together they put together a dry-land and SUP workout. The Facebook group, Lake2Land SUPFit has information on classes and schedules. If you’re new to SUP you may want to try a Learn to SUP class first, information on that can be found on Lake2Land’s Official Facebook Page.

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Lake2Land is like no other fitness company out there. “Our years of SUP experience and multiple fitness certifications. We are some of the first professionally certified instructors of SUP in Alberta (maybe even Canada) and still one the few in Northern Alberta. We have been on-board with SUP since 2008 as we had ties with a surf company and were introduced to the sport at the time SUP was just starting to get its legs in the North American market. Fast forward 8 years and to see how much SUP has grown is crazy! We still remember people taking pictures of us while on our lake because they had never seen anything like it!”

“The summer are so short! If you have been wanting to try SUP book a lesson or join a SUP Fit class now so you can enjoy being outdoors and on the water for the rest of summer,” you can find out more about SUP, Alyssa and the crew at Lake2Land Lifestyle online

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