Local Restaurant Group Donates $5K in Gift Certificates to Fort Mac Evacuees

5 Star Restaurant Group, which owns MR MIKES and Player’s Lounge in Bonnyville has donated nearly $5,000 worth of meals to Fort McMurray evacuees staying in Bonnyville. Part owner of the group, Sal Naim, says the evacuees have enough to worry about, he wanted to make sure they were fed.

Fort McMurray has been a good story, in all of Canada, for the work that [the City] and the people have done for the economy; it’s the least we can do to help and make sure their people are taken care of. – Sal Naim 5 Star Restaurant Group

“We wanted to make sure that anybody that was coming in from Fort McMurray was able to have a warm meal and some food in their bellies,” Naim says 5 Star Restaurant Group sympathizes with what the evacuees are going through, “many left with just the clothes on their backs.”

“We knew the Microtel was providing rooms [and because they do not have a restaurant at the hotel], we wanted to give out gift cards. We gave them gift cards for both Player’s Lounge and MR MIKES.” Naim says they provided out more than 170 people with $25 gift cards at the Microtel. The group also provided cards for people staying at the Best Western and Holiday Inn, “I know the Neighbourhood Inn was taking care of people, and have a restaurant. We wanted to make sure everyone who didn’t have a food option was taken care of.”

I hope that if we’re ever in a time of need there will be good people who are willing to do the same. – Sal Naim 5 Star Restaurant Group

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