Sunday , 26 September 2021

Town of St. Paul Fires CAO Filger

The Town of St. Paul has terminated, Harvey Filger, of his position of the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). Councillor for the Town of St. Paul, Dwight Wiebe, has confirmed with lakelandconnect.net that the Town has relieved Filger of his position of CAO; however no other information was available.

“All I can do is confirm the fact,” Wiebe says he, and Council, cannot go into details. Filger was appointed CAO of St. Paul in the Fall of 2015.

Holly Habiak has been appoint intern CAO while the Town researches its options. Habiak, was hired in early 2016, as the Town of St. Paul’s Chief Finance Officer. Her background includes serving as the Assistant CAO of the Town of Smokey Lake.

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