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Glendon School & Dr Brosseau Compete in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

Two local schools will be participating in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. Both the Glendon School and Dr. Brosseau Middle School, in Bonnyville, have been selected as finalists in the competition. There are nine other schools competing with Glendon and Dr. B for a grand prize of $50,000 in Samsung technology and an epic STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) experience for the entire school.


  • Students at Dr. Bernard Brosseau Middle School applied STEM-learning to develop a water-fountain-filter that improved the taste of their school’s drinking water.
  • The students at Glendon School have developed a STEM solution to provide sustainable fruits and vegetables for their school’s lunch and breakfast programs.


From March 21 to April 18, both projects will be up for public voting at www.solvefortomorrow.ca, for a chance to win one of two grand prize spots in the Solve for Tomorrow Challenge. The grand prize includes $50,000 in Samsung technology and an epic STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) experience for the entire school.

Please go to http://pages.samsung.com/ca/solvefortomorrow/English/vote.html to vote and check out the video students created to show how they are using STEM to help their school and community!


A statement released by Lakeland Catholic School District , Communication officer Amanda Wildman, says the student worked very hard at Dr. B to become finalists in the competition. “Thanks to the hard work, research and innovation of Madame Teixeira’s grade 8 class, École Dr. Bernard Brosseau School will be receiving $20,000 worth of technology for their school. The students’ project is a water study. The class got the idea for their project from a student survey conducted at the school at  the  beginning  of  the  year. After a discussion with teaching staff, they decided to move forward with it.”

“We are looking at creative solutions to improve water quality at the school,” said Principal, at Dr. B,  Vince Spila. “It tends to have an unusual odour so students bring their own bottled water. They were interested in experimenting on different types of water to investigate ways to improve the water quality and reduce waste from plastic bottles.”

“As part of the Samsung Challenge, students and staff created a three-minute video demonstrating the research and experiments that students completed in this project. Students used a Pasco Advanced Water Quality Testing kit and Samsung tablet to examine a variety of samples of water. The class developed a possible solution which they plan to propose to their school council.
Glendon School is part of the Northern Lights School Division who says, “Northern Lights is pleased to announce that Glendon School has been selected as one of 11 Finalists in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2016 Education Contest!”


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