Wednesday , 6 July 2022

County of St. Paul & Elk Point Hurry Hard to Help Fund Repairs to Curling Rink

The County of St. Paul and the Town of Elk Point will match funds to help in the cost of repairing the curling rink in Elk Point. There were vital repairs that were needed to the curling rink, explains Councillor for the Town of Elk Point, Lorne Young.

“There was some repairs to the curling plant that needed to be done so they could finish the season,” explains Young. The curling club had to shut down the plant for about a month in the middle of the season to deal with the repairs and to install a new refrigerant needed for the plant, which came to $23,000.

“What has happened is the County of St. Paul has agreed to pay for half of that, $11,500 and the Town of Elk Point will be giving them the other half,” Young says it is absolutely important to the Town to keep recreational programming going. “The curling club has a plan to replace another large component this summer, they have some funds of their own, and they may be seeking out grants to support that.”



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