Saturday , 16 October 2021

Update: Cold Lake special needs lady has only means of transportation stolen

A community member has stepped up to replace Jenny’s stolen bike, Lakeland Connect would like to thank Matt Brown who is the Vice President of Operations from Nails Enterprises for his kindness.

Earlier Story…

The recent theft of a three-wheel bicycle has left a special needs Cold Lake woman without transportation.

Jenny Hatch is 30 years old and lives in Cold Lake. Hatch has worked at Walmart for the last seven years and relies on her bike to go get groceries and other items she requires for day-to-day living. She also has many appointments to which she rides the bike.

“It was stolen on Friday afternoon,” Hatch told Lakeland Connect.

On June 11, Hatch’s world came crashing down when she discovered her only mode of transportation had been stolen from the bike rack on 48 Street at her apartment.

“I was shocked, oh my three-wheel bike,” Hatch said.

Lakeland Connect would like to help Hatch raise money to get her bike replaced. We need your help Lakeland!

If you would like to help Hatch you can EMT a donation to [email protected]

*Set the password to: bike

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