Sunday , 26 September 2021

Town of Bonnyville gifting local gift cards to grads

The Town of Bonnyville is spreading the love to High school graduates this year with gift cards which they will purchase from local businesses.

In the past, the Town of Bonnyville handed out cards that were signed by the Mayor, but this year they will include a bonus for graduating students.

“So essentially it was something that was an initiative that I thought, you know what the heck,” Mayor Gene Sobolewski told Lakeland Connect on the Morning After interview. “I’ve been signing these congratulations cards to grads for quite a long time. And when graduation ceremonies come around, you know, I stand there with a grinning face and say here, and I hand them a card with a signature on it.”

Now that card from the Town of Bonnyville will include a gift that will be purchased from a local business.

“Here’s a gift card to go to a restaurant, you know, whether it’s a burger joint or whatever, and enjoy yourself,” Mayor Sobolewski said. “It’s on the town.”

The value of the gift cards in the envelopes will be $20 and the Mayor says 191 students are graduating.

“The bottom line is we appreciate our grads, but also we will try to support some local business as well,” Mayor Sobolewski concluded.

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