Tuesday , 11 May 2021
Zyler Tupper, third from left, was the lucky winner of an Apple iPad for being a good influence.

Cold Lake RCMP rewards kids for positive behaviour

After giving out thousands of tickets for displaying positive behaviour, Cold Lake’s various police forces have determined the winners of this summer’s positive ticket program draw.

In first place and winning an Apple iPad was Zylar Tupper, while tied for second was McKayla Stead and Reid Serba, who won a $100 gift card for Sportcheck and Mach 1, respectively.

Reid was one of the first children in Cold Lake to receive a ticket, which he earned by riding his bike with a helmet on, said Dave Zimmerman, Cold Lake Victim Services.

“We had a really great turnout. I think it was a great success,” he said.

“We’re hoping for a repeat in summer of 2021.”

The program was the brainchild of corporal Collin Hickey, an officer serving at 4 Wing’s Military Police.

It kicked off the first of July 1st, and was meant to promote positive behaviours in kids under the age of 18, which would be rewarded by an officer with a “positive ticket”.

McKayla Stead is recognized by Cold Lake Victim Services, Cold Lake RCMP, and 4 Wing’s Military Police.

Promoting safe choices, such as wearing a helmet or lifejacket, were attitudes that would have earned a ticket, as well as being a community example.

“One pair of girls we had were given a ticket after an officer saw them helping someone in a wheelchair onto the sidewalk,” said Zimmerman.

Hickey picked up the idea from other communities he’d been stationed at in the past and had been intending to run the program for the last several years but kept running into delays that pushed it back before finally deciding that 2020 would be the year he would put his plan into action.

Cold Lake RCMP, the 4 Wing MPs, Victim Services, and the town’s Peace Officers all participated in the program.

There were over 4000 tickets given out in the Cold Lake area alone, while hundreds more were given out in Bonnyville for their own positive ticket program.

Reid Serba is one child of many recognized for doing the right thing when out and about in the community this July.

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