Saturday , 25 September 2021
A closeup of some hot fiery flames burning which works nicely as an art element or background.

Lac La Biche County holds fire ban in place

Lac La Biche County said it will not lift its fire ban until the province lifts theirs.

A statement released by the County read, “Alberta Agriculture & Forestry has not lifted the fire ban in the Forest Protection Area. Because that covers more than three-quarters of Lac La Biche County, we always attempt to follow the Province’s regulations to avoid confusion.

We realize that this was not the case a few weeks ago, but for consistency and fairness among residents throughout the County, it is easier to have a single set of rules to abide by. This is our standard practice, and will be how we handle fire restrictions or bans going forward. Otherwise, there would be situations where neighbouring properties in the County would have to follow different rules. One would be able to have a campfire but the other would not, just because it’s on the Forest Protection Area side of the line. This would affect a fairly large number of residents.

As such, Lac La Biche County will not be lifting our fire ban until the Province lifts theirs.”

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