Thursday , 5 August 2021

Listen – then speak up, Elk Point

Attend the public hearing on October 22 and have your say regarding cannabis and firearms bylaws

Elk Point Town Council has proposed a number of bylaws for which they are eager to receive public input at their council meeting on October 22. Two land use bylaws concern production and retail sale of cannabis, and one regards firearms use within the town limits.

The first cannabis bylaw would permit sales in the downtown retail district (designated C1), provided a sales outlet is at least 100m from the nearest school, daycare, playground, or hospital; and that if there is more than one sales outlet, they are at least 100 m apart. The bylaw would also permit production and distribution of cannabis products in the industrial district (designated M).

This bylaw has been designated as “discretionary use” which means the neighbours of the businesses would be notified prior to opening, the business may be scrutinized by the town, and the permit may be appealed by members of the public.

The second cannabis bylaw sets out limits on consumption. It prohibits smoking, vaping, or consuming cannabis in any public place within town limits. Property owners “must ensure the Cannabis Plants are contained on the Property away from public access in a secure Structure or within a secure fenced area.” When being transported, cannabis must be “in closed packaging that is out of the reach of the driver and other occupants of the vehicle.” Specified penalties for infringement of these regulations is a minimum fine of $287.

Also to be discussed on October 22 is a bylaw to prohibit discharging firearms within the Town of Elk Point. Concerns have been raised regarding shooting into fields from within town limits, and council wants to promote the safety and comfort of all residents. Proposed penalties for infractions of the bylaw are $500 for the first offence, and $1000 for the second offence.

First readings of these bylaws were approved on September 24 at the regular council meeting.

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