Saturday , 28 May 2022

Bonnyville Exploring Costs of a New Pool Build

The Town of Bonnyville will explore the cost of building a new pool. On December 1st, Bonnyville Town Council opened its chambers to residents to discuss the 2016 Budget. More than two dozen citizens attended the Open House, with a large majority of them there to discuss the town pool. The general conscience coming out of the meeting was that the residents want a new pool. It was with that prompting, explains Mayor Sobolewski, that Town Council has decided to explore what it would cost to build a new pool.

“One of the things that came out of the public meeting, was Council gave permission for our administration to undertake a request for proposals for a pool assessment,” which basically means, get some prices, says the Mayor. “We’re a pretty serious bunch, when we meet with the public,” the Mayor says Council appreciates the feedback they received from the community. Moving forward with exploring costs is a way of demonstrating that they are listening to what residents want.

A citizen’s committee that will focus on raising funds for the project also stemmed from the Open House. Once the initial meeting is set by the committee, LCN will be informed and will keep the public posted on any additional information; including how to join, when it is known. 

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