Friday , 9 June 2023

Meet the Team

Jena Colbourne

Chief Executive Officer & Influencer

Connected! Show – weekdays at 12:00 pm

As a founding member of the Lakeland Connect team, Jena oversees the content creation of the website and its social media presence.

Armed with a marketing, management, and communications background, Jena enjoys the creative aspects of Lakeland Connect; as such, she can navigate the online world with ease.

Chad Colbourne

Director of Client Relations & Influencer

Connected! Show – weekdays at 12:00 pm

As a founding member of Lakeland Connect, Chad oversees the sales department. Working closely with the creative director Chad can discover new opportunities for clients.

Known affectionately as Husband Chad, his winning smile & personality create positive relationships throughout the community and region.

Caitlyn Bush

Events Coordinator & Influencer

Caitlyn Tries

Watch new episodes Fridays from May to September.

Joining the Lakeland Connect team in 2018, Caitlyn brings a bubbly personality, drive, and enthusiasm to every project. She can discover new opportunities for client sales and create personalized campaigns.

With a background in broadcasting, Caitlyn understands the importance of engagement and will help you create meaningful ads that attract the right clientele.

Michael Menzies

Reporter & Influencer

Bonnyville Jr. A Pontiacs Play-by-Play

Born and raised in Vermilion, he started in May 2018 during his NAIT Radio and Television practicum and reports on local politics, sports, and community issues.

He became the Bonnyville Pontiacs play-by-play voice during the 2019-20 season. He also comments on provincial and national issues.

He also likes to buy books and read some of them.

Elijah Janvier


Elijah joined the Lakeland Connect team in the summer of 2019 after attending  Toronto Film School. Raised on Cold Lake First Nations, Elijah brings a knowledge of the region with his fresh videography style.

Elijah is excited to be able to raise his young family on Frog Lake First Nations while working in the community.

Christa Jelschen

Marketing Assistant

Social Media Manager

Christa joined the Connected team in 2020 before heading to Edmonton to take her Business Administration and Marketing course at NAIT.

She returned to the Connected team in 2022 as a marketing assistant and social media manager. Christa enjoys the creative aspects of the company and working with her clients to achieve their marketing goals.

Courtney Nielson


As an intern reporter, Courtney joined the Connected team in the winter of 2022. She hopes to gain on-the-job training and pursue a career in journalism.

Born and raised in Bonnyville, she has a passion for writing and brings her enthusiasm to report on all current events in and around our area.

She is the middle of 7 daughters. She loves to dance, read/write, and play sports. The competitive drive is strong in this one. She enjoys traveling and has made annual trips driving to the East coast with her family.

Courtney is excited to expand her experience with a knowledgeable and supportive team while delivering what’s important to the people of Lakeland.