Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Lakeland Connect Media Inc. Was founded by Jena & Chad Colbourne. It has expanded to include Curtis Hargrove in Cold Lake, as sales associate and community reporter and Tyson Dolynny as a freelance sports reporter.

Lakeland Connect also employs five freelance community reporters.


Jena Colbourne

Founder & Editor

With a background in communications, marketing and radio, Jena saw an opportunity to bring the Lakeland news & information in a way they wanted it - online & social.


Chad Colbourne

Co-Founder & Sales Manager

Husband Chad, as he affectionately referred to, wants to see marketing and advertising work for you. Chad brings a decade experience in sales and advertising to Lakeland Connect.


JD Schmidt


Lakeland Area

Sandie Bishop

Freelance Reporter

Tanya Boudreau

Freelance Reporter