Thursday , 27 January 2022

Marketing that WORKS

Do you ever find yourself lost in the world of digital advertising?

Wondering to yourself, “Shouldn’t this be easier?”

Yes, it is easier!

Our team at Lakeland Connect simplified the process.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to get into the digital marketing world AND most importantly find success.

We’ve designed simple and transparent pricing plans that are as affordable as they are effective.

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“We used Lakeland Connect marketing services and are so impressed with the results. We use them for everything that has to do with marketing! From general advertising, produced videos, social media management and website creation.”Sheena Scott – Elegance 719

“The team at Lakeland Connect has made a major impact on my business at Bonnyville Dodge. We’ve seen an immediate impact in awareness, as well as an increase in sales.”Rohdy Reed – Bonnyville Dodge

“Jena with Lakeland Connect manages our social media pages. We’re really happy with the impact it’s made on business. We’ve received compliments from our corporate partners, like Polaris Canada!”Roger Cartier – Motion Motor Sports 

“There’s no secret radio isn’t as community-oriented anymore as, I guess, it used to be and you guys saw that hole, you filled that void. I think your business model is probably one of the greatest in Canada and I think a lot of people are trying to model after it now, you know what I mean? You can see that there’s so many copycats.”Justin Marshall – former radio host on Hot 101.3 FM Bonnyville

5,000 Visits per day online 25,000 Followers on social media 3,500 Average video views
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We believe in giving back!

Non-profit rates available

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Marketing doesn’t have to be hard.

We’ve designed our plans to work.

Straight forward, comprehensive and effective.

Because your success is our success!

Event Plans

36 Years Experience 1,000 Events Attended 30,500 Average Audience Engagement
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We believe in giving back!

Non-profit rates available

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Whether you have a big sale coming up

or you’re hosting a major event.

We’ll make sure the whole Lakeland knows about it and attends!

Social Media Management

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In the Community

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2019 Community Involvement Award

2016 Most Promising New Business Award

Presented by the Bonnyville & District

and Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce

Digital Video

Digital Videos (1)

BONUS receive 3 x 20 second social media friendly shorts with every digital commercial!

The ONLY digital video producer in the Lakeland that has the platform to launch your video. At no extra charge!

Because really, what’s the point in spending all that money if no one will see it?

We guarantee minimum 5,000 views.

Did we mention the video is linkable? So your clients are able to respond to your ad in real-time.

You’ll also be able to track the views and target in on the audience of your choice.

The video will be yours to keep. Use it on your socials or your website or even as an email marketing tool!

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