Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Arthur C. Green

Rest in peace brave Newfoundlanders who fought in Beaumont Hamel

Canada Day is celebrated on July 1, but for Newfoundlanders, it means something completely different. During my travels across Europe, I took in every bit of history I could visit. Beaumont Hamel was one of my first stops to pay respect for the ultimate sacrifice the fallen men from Newfoundland had given …

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My soul belief

Descartes deliberately drew public attention to the success of his philosophy in demonstrating the separate substantiality of the human soul or mind. The idea argues that merely by the process of thought alone; we all agree that the mind must be separate from our body. For example, if I am …

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Workplace accidents change families forever, it changed mine

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the National Day of Mourning which is set aside each year to remember those who have been killed or seriously injured in the workplace. It’s the call no family should ever have to receive because workplace accidents change families lives forever. I know this, …

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Capturing the decisive moment

A picture never recreates itself and I have learned many times that once a moment happens you need to capture it. If not captured it is lost in time and will never be seen again. Being a professional photographer, I am often asked what makes a good photograph? The truth …

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