Spider Sandwiches

Max the monster has an appetite for anything gloopy, gunky, and gross. He starts his day with toenail scrambled eggs and a crushed-grasshopper-legs smoothie, and for lunch he eats multicolored lice rice. He cooks slimed-eel noodles from Squealia’s Monsters’ Cookbook and buys treats like rat’s-tail pizza and blue-mold chips at the grocery store. Squiggly spider sandwiches are his favorite. The only thing the seeming omnivore emphatically turns down is…green sprout soup. Although the rhyming pattern isn’t consistent throughout, on most of the pages, the second and fourth line rhyme. Hendra and Linnet’s digital illustrations and glittery cover offset the story’s gross-out factor. The monster and bugs are cute. Teeth are rounded and eyes are wide open. A humorous introduction to eating habits and preferences.