Wednesday , 28 July 2021

Filmmakers discuss plot and storyline of movie in Cold Lake

The filmmakers behind a local production have given details about their upcoming movie.

Producer Tyler Duffy and leading actress Patty Srisuwan are preparing for the shoot of Moments in Spacetime in Cold Lake that begins at the end of April.

“You can expect to get an interesting, fun, family-friendly movie appropriate for all audiences,” said Duffy.

“You can expect a well-written plot. There’s a lot of twists. It’s very heart-touching. It’s very easy to identify with it because at the core it’s about a young woman to find her identity. That’s something every person goes through.”

Orphaned after a tsunami hits Thailand, the lead character, played by Patty Srisuwan, is adopted by a family in North America, but grows up and doesn’t feel welcome in her new culture.

Her grandfather with dementia enters the fray and their relationship takes her through these challenges.

“My character is also struggling with language and culture as well because half of her life she lives in Asia and half of her life she’s living in North America, so she has to find her footing.

“At the same time, she has this odd character of her grandfather who comes into her life and she has to take care of. It’s just an odd pair that find common ground,” said Srisuwan.

Srisuwan, whose last film Sweet Oil was shown at Cannes Film Festival, said this will be the biggest project she’s ever made.

“It involves so many people. I’m hoping to get an even larger success and of course a theatrical release and go globally like the last one.”

Cold Lake will not be doubled for another city in the movie, so the film will include key features of the city and the lakeland.

“That’s the special part about this film is we’re representing Cold Lake…and the lakeland as well. We’ll film in Bonnyville a little bit and Pierceland as well,” said Srisuwan.

The casting call for extras has been well-received by the community.

“It’s great to see that support from the community as well,” said Duffy.

“We’re going to do everything we can for people who submitted to get to do one scene. But ultimately there is a limited amount of roles in the movie.”

Srisuwan said the three-week shoot will put local people to work as well.

“We want to have people work and boost the economy and want to put Cold Lake on the amp on a global level. Hopefully this film will be an example to Hollywood and many other filmmakers that we have a wonderful area and have wonderful people here.”

After shooting ends May 20, it could be another year before Moments in Spacetime is screened.

Srisuwan’s husband Chris Cowden will direct the film.

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