Photo Radar Program ending in Cold Lake

On June 19, 2018 during the Cold Lake Council Corporate Priorities Committee meeting, Council voted all in favour of allowing the existing contract with Global Traffic Group Ltd. to lapse when it expires in October.

The aim of the program was to slow people down especially in school and playground zones. But City of Cold Lake Councillor, Jürgen Grau, noted, “When I look at the statistics from 2016 verses today, I don’t see a huge culture shift regarding the number of tickets for speeding and stop sign violations. I don’t see the impact I was hoping to see.”

Several members of Council were unhappy with how the fines were being distributed. More money is going to the Alberta government and Global then to the City itself.

City of Cold Lake Councillor, Duane Lay, stated, “I see fines of approximately $900,000 mostly leaving the community; I think there has to be a better way to do this.”

City of Cold Lake Councillor, Vicky Lefebvre, added, “We have almost $900,000 leaving the community; we have a net of approximately $58,000 so far; we wanted to put this money into a safety program, but we can’t even put up a light for that amount.”

City of Cold Lake Councillor, Chris Vining, concluded, “This has been embarrassing to justify. I’m sorry I ever pushed into this thing. When you look at the numbers and see 50 percent of the violations are coming from stop signs and then when I look at some of the intersections they are doing; these are not danger points in our community, not when they could be set up in high impact, high traffic zones. This is just a pure cash grab, and I’m embarrassed by it.”

The contract with Global Traffic Group Ltd. which began in February 2016, is set to expire on October 31, 2018.

Financial highlights of the photo radar program:

  • Total Fines Issued by Global – $889,974.00
  • Total Fines Paid before Retention – $639,095.34
  • Total Retention by AB Government – $227,508.49
  • Total Paid out for Contracted Services – $353,422.03
  • Outstanding Unpaid Tickets – $250,878.66 (minus AB Government Retention estimated at $80,919.53)
  • Quashed or Set Aside Tickets – $19,680.00

The City will allow the contract with Global Traffic Group Ltd. to lapse. This will enable the City to re-evaluate the program and service delivery models for the community.