City discusses improvements to the Airport Taxiways

At the June 19, 2018 City of Cold Lake Corporate Priorities Meeting, there was a project update presentation from the engineering group CIMA Canada Ltd. for the Cold Lake Regional Airport Taxiway and Apron Enhancement project of which there is $500,000 allocated to from the 2018 capital budget.

CIMA Canada Ltd. was selected to provide engineering and construction services. CIMA has completed 60 percent design works and has also developed construction estimates for the different stages.

Many users of the Cold Lake Regional Aerodrome were in attendance. They had requested the improvements because the taxiways have become unusable.

The project key points included:

  • Aerodrome Standards and Recommended Practices TP312 5th Edition for the governing document for the project.
  • The Aerodrome is currently suitable for Aircraft Group Number AGN-1 (Beech 99) but taxiways on the west side can be enhanced (future) to accommodate AGN-3 aircraft like Dash-8.
  • The West Taxiway servicing west lease lots and tie down area is 19m wide.
  • Taxiways to lease lots west side of terminal building are proposed to be 7.5m wide.
  • The East Taxiway is 15m wide.
  • Taxiway pavement structure for AGN-1 is Asphalt 75mm, GBC 230mm and subgrade 300mm – 600mm.

The users/lease holders of the Cold Lake Regional Aerodrome requested to expand the apron and pave the taxiways to the lease areas as due to spring thaw or wet season the taxiways become unusable.

Council allocated $500,000 within the 2018 capital budget for this project. Although it was estimated to cost $3.5M, this allocation was to initiate the design and seek a partnership in funding for the phased approach.

Funding requirement would include $2.1 million for the existing lease area, $520,000 for the West lease area (newly developed), $1.2 million for the East lease area (newly developed), and $660,000 for the tie down area.

Council passed a motion for Administration to go to the user groups to discuss options for spending the half a million dollars and to bring it to the fall budget.

City of Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland stated they will also see where their Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework (ICF) conversations go with the Municipal District of Bonnyville regarding this enhancement project.

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