Radar Dome to be ready for Museum’s 20th Anniversary

A crew from Ottawa came up to Cold Lake this week to reconstruct the radar dome on the hill in front of Cold Lake Museums.

Depending on the weather, (the wind being the main hindrance) the dome should be up in two weeks. The 30-foot-tall radar dome will be a static display that ties into the Cold War. People will also be able to go inside the dome and look at the antenna.

Phase one, the pouring of a concrete pad, has been complete. Phase two will be finding a company to make a vestibule and door to come off the base of the dome. Jennifer Ross, Cold Lake Air Force Museum Curator, said they are working on getting interpretations for the dome, the antenna, and the radar site, and they are looking at getting lights installed on the dome.

The addition of the radar dome coincides with the museum’s 20th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of NORAD. Ross said that along with the celebrations the museum will be holding for these anniversaries, the Air Force side of the Cold Lake Museums will be revealing a new exhibit entitled, Tactical Air Control Party.

Ross explained, “We believe this is the first exhibit of its kind that represents the Air Force in Afghanistan.”

The road leading up Cold Lake Museums has recently been annexed by the City of Cold Lake. Because the road is in rough shape and the City owns the road now, the museum staff are hoping the City can help repair the road so people can have easier access to the museum.

Last year, the museum saw 5,000 visitors. Ross believes the numbers will be even higher this year because of the radar dome. The museum will open on May 19th this year.