Council postpones decision on Policy for Mobile Food Vendors

During the April 24, 2018 Regular Council Meeting of the City of Cold Lake, Council discussed the Mobile Food Vendor Policy. Administration recommended Council pass the motion to amend the policy to include the requirement that mobile food vendors must pass a safety code inspection and a fire inspection prior to being issued a vending permit; but Council passed a motion to postpone it to the next Council meeting (which is held in two weeks) because several Councillors had questions that Administration has to research further.

City of Cold Lake Councillor, Jürgen Grau stated he had called a couple of insurance companies that cover mobile food vendors. He explained, “Apparently, to get their insurance, the mobile food vendors have to have a semi-annual or annual safety inspection already. So that covers fire and everything we have outlined.”

He asked Administration if those mobile food vendors could present that document to the City. “I want to make sure they don’t have to pay twice,” he added.

Cold Lake City Councillor, Duane Lay asked Administration if there would be a different set of rules for indoor and outdoor mobile food vendors in regard to safety.

City of Cold Lake Councillor, Chris Vining had questions about the definition of the word ‘mat’ in the policy. “What defines a mat? Is cardboard a mat?”

Councillor Vining also wanted further information on where the mat had to be located. “Is it under the serving window, or under the entire food truck?”

Kevin Nagoya, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Cold Lake answered that these issues would need further investigation and research.