Future of the Cold Lake North Arena

During the April 17, 2018 Corporate Priorities Committee Meeting, Administration and Council discussed the future of the Cold Lake North Arena.

Kevin Nagoya, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Cold Lake stated Administration is meeting with community groups about utilization of the facility.

Lakeland Lacrosse Association would like to see the facility turned into a year-round facility for lacrosse and Cold Lake Minor Hockey is looking for ten more hours of weekday and four hours of weekend ice time for practice.

Administration is waiting for feedback from the JJ Parr Sports Centre on 4 Wing about the possibility of more ice time there.

During the 2018 Budget Deliberations, Council decided to stop ice use and rental at the Cold Lake North Arena. The building needs maintenance and improvements to operate as an artificial ice arena.

On the evening of the Corporate Priorities Committee Meeting, Nagoya stated there was a cost associated with keeping it ok.

“Depending on expectations, cost estimates to fix the north arena range from a couple hundred thousand to a million dollars. To operate the arena for weekday only, the cost to the budget would be $200,000, with $25,000 for revenue ($50,000 for full winter season). A new ice plant would be a million dollars.”

City of Cold Lake Councillor, Duane Lay asked Administration if they have ever looked at the outdoor rinks for some practices.

“We used to have to go to the slough and clean off two feet of snow and play hockey under the full moon. Now we need a 50-million-dollar facility? We had a five dollar scoop shovel, “ Lay said.

City of Cold Lake Councillor, Bob Buckle stated he was reluctant to have more dialogue with Cold Lake Minor Hockey, until Council had a clear vision on what they want to do.

“We know where they stand on the building; they want to keep it open.”

City of Cold Lake Councillor, Jürgen Grau shared his thoughts.

“We don’t have the money to be throwing around money.”

Nagoya added, “We want to make sure whatever decision we make, we do quickly, because we need time to get improvements done and to meet code.”

Nagoya added that Alberta Municipal Affairs would be doing an inspection on the building.

The new ice rink at the Cold Lake Energy Centre is expected to open in late spring or early summer.

At the end of the discussion, Council accepted the Cold Lake North Lake Arena CIMCO report as information.