Cold Lake City Council Says Thanks and Asks Questions

City of Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland attended the ACFA de Bonnyville/Cold Lake for the French-Canadian La Cabane à Sucre Du Nord (Northern Sugar Shack) event that happened in Bonnyville at Tellier’s Epinettiere on March 17, 2018.

Copeland said that it was a good event that was well attended and that he was happy to meet the Mayor of Sugar Shack Ville. “I appreciate him hosting this event. Anyone who has kids, this is a must do.”

During the City of Cold Lake Council Regular Meeting on March 27, 2018, Mayor Copeland added, “The best comment was made by a young fellow who was on one of the sleds at the Sugar Shack event. When he got off, he looked at me and said, ‘I didn’t know that you came down to the Bonnyville area. I didn’t know you liked us.’” Copeland said, “It made my day!”

The Mayor also attended the Cold Lake First Nations first job fair that was held at the Agriplex in March. “There was great support from industry there. I really appreciated that; Rick Janvier did a great job hosting the event,” stated Copeland.

The Mayor attended the Portage College Spirit of Community Partnerships Dinner on March 24. The Mayor acknowledged the stories told by the speakers and showed his appreciation for the Cold Lake businesses who help support the college by purchasing items from the auction.

Also, in March, the Mayor was a judge at the St. Dominic Elementary School science fair. “I got to eat edible slime,” he stated. “Canada is in good hands with the grade four to six classes at St. Dominic School.”

Cold Lake Councillor Kirk Soroka had questions for Administration about the cemeteries after learning a citizen couldn’t get into a site because nothing had been cleared and there was no handicap access.

Kevin Nagoya, Chief Administration Officer for the City of Cold Lake, stated, “Winter maintenance is minimal. Most of it is done during the summer.” However, Nagoya stated Administration would contact the person and see how they could provide assistance.

Cold lake City Councillor Chris Vining advised Administration of two large potholes in Cold Lake; one by 47 Avenue and 49 Street, and another by the Registries office and Jiffy Lube.

Cold Lake City Councillor Jürgen Grau asked if caution signs could be put around the potholes that were filling up with water until such a time that they could be fixed.