Residents ask for Recycling Bins in the North End of Cold Lake

Cold Lake resident Murray Gauthier (who ran for City Council in 2017) was at the City of Cold Lake’s Regular Council Meeting on March 27, 2018, inquiring about the feasibility of placing recycling bins in the North end of Cold Lake.

“A couple people have asked about having recycling bins somewhere in the North so people who miss out on recycling day don’t have to drive to the South.”

Kevin Nagoya, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Cold Lake explained the issue had been discussed in the past, but that it had been awhile.

“At the time, there was no priority to do so. One of the challenges is if it were an unmonitored site, it gets messy. The site in the South at the Cold Lake Recycling Centre is monitored.”

City of Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said they would need to know where it would be located, and if the City owned that land.

He added, “We can bring it forward in a discussion to see what the costs would be for the 2019 budget and see where Council wants to go with this.”

The item will come back to Council at a later time and will likely be part of the 2019 Budget Deliberations.