New Deadline for Cold Lake Marina Slip Renewals

Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland and City Council all agreed the Cold Lake Marina slips are “hot commodities”. At the March 27, 2018 City of Cold Lake Regular Meeting of Council, they voted to extend the marina slip renewal deadline to April 1, 2018.

If they are not paid by April 1, 2018 there will be a 15 % surcharge that will have to be paid by April 15, 2018.  If it isn’t paid up, the boat slip will go to the next person on the waiting list.

Currently, the City of Cold Lake leases out 236 slips each year. Two hundred people are on the waiting list.

During the evening meeting, there was much debate and discussion about the pros and cons of new dates and deadlines and penalties. Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland thought the past March 15 deadline was too early.

Cold Lake City Councillor Chris Vining stated, “I ponder at the problem of getting payments in on time, and I empathize with people on the waiting list.” Cold Lake City Councillor Vicky Lefebvre said, “If you set a date, stick to it. If you don’t pay on time, you don’t get a slip.”


Press Release from City of Cold Lake Marina slip renewal deadlines to see changes

Marina slip holders will be seeing some changes in the renewal deadlines.

“Council debated the best way to make things fair, and the best deadline for renewals,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “In the end, we decided to allow for a short grace period that will be accompanied with a surcharge. The idea is to incentivize prompt payment while also allowing for a measure of flexibility.”

For the 2018 season, a grace period will extend to April 15, 2018. The grace period will come with a surcharge of 15 per cent of the value of the slip. The 2018 deadline for slip renewal was March 15.

In future years, the deadline for slip renewals will be April 1 with a grace period accompanied by a 15 per cent surcharge extending to April 15. Slips not renewed by that time will immediately be offered to the next people on the waiting list.

“There are circumstances that come up, and people sometimes miss the deadline. This way there is still a penalty for not paying on time, but if a person had an emergency and missed their renewal, they still have a chance,” said Copeland. “We needed a date that gives staff a chance to reach out to slip holders to make sure they do not want to renew, but still leaves enough time to fill vacancies from the waiting list and organize the marina to open for the boating season.”

The Cold Lake Marina operations are contracted out, but the waiting list and renewals are handled by city staff out of the Cold Lake Energy Centre. Demand at the Cold Lake Marina has remained strong over the years.

“Renting a slip is an expensive commitment to make early if you’re not sure about the boating season, but at the same time slips at the marina are a hot commodity,” Copeland said. “We feel this new arrangement strikes the right balance for current slip holders who are thinking about renewing and for people on the waiting list who want to know if they’ve got a spot.”

The current waiting list is about 200 people long.