When I see TheGunNut attached to a geocache, I get nervous because I rarely find them; they are that difficult (to me). Other geocachers find them hard too; even the easy rated ones!

Geocacher (IM_NotLost-Xbz1) wrote, “If it’s there, it’s way more than a difficulty 1.5. Must be at least 3 attempts already for me.”

Geocacher clmkak wrote, “Searched for 15 min. Could not find.”

CrimsonGuard added, “Right by my house. So I searched a few times.. Went home, had a snack, then searched again. DNF.”

I was worried I would search for a long time and earn a DNF (did not find) so I was hesitant to go out this weekend. But, the sun was out, the temperature was up, and I was ready for the challenge. So much so, that I put two of his caches on my GPS.

Now, I have to admit, I wrote to TheGunNut and asked him if this was “winter-friendly” before I headed out because there is still a lot of snow out there. Thank-you so much for messaging me back! 

Serial is a series of six caches and from what I read, they get progressively harder. I chose to do number 6 first and tried to ignore the fact the description said team work was needed and it was a high traffic area so the searcher would have to be stealthy.

Even though I was solo and read this from GypsySoul71, “So……is laying on the ground and looking up while people drive by considered stealthy? Lol Only one person looked at Louie620 as she was getting up off the ground. I think that’s good odds myself. Found it right after she stood up. Thanks for the awesome hide”, I headed out with hope; prepared to lie on my back.

Lakeland Connect readers, I found both caches! They were camouflaged in a way I never seen before, and they took me to Lakeland neighbourhoods that were scenic to drive around in. I saw people out walking their dogs, couples walking with their children, and one man standing on the frozen lake setting up his camera on a tripod to take some photographs.

P.S. A Lakeland geocacher sent me a picture from London, England this weekend. It was a travel bug tied to a Timbits box. The box got curious looks because some people there didn’t know what a Tim Hortons was.