Stopped for a Drink


I went looking for a silver Inuksuk today while out geocaching but instead found a cache more suitable for this St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

When I went to get local geocacher CSnail this afternoon, I remember saying, “We’ll be back in ten minutes”. Did I ever underestimate. It was close to two hours later.

CSnail found out her winter boots act as scoops for snow, and I almost lost my footwear; that is how much snow there was where we went. There were times we were thigh deep in snow.

At one point, I could sit down in the snow without bending my knees because that is how low I had sunk into the snow. As we were looking around, CSnail said, “I think we are standing on the water now. And most likely the cache”.

We got to the zero coordinate mark but with snow that deep, we couldn’t find it, even though we made several holes. Every step felt like my feet were trapped between fallen logs; so many hidden logs under the snow! I don’t think my body ever twisted so much.

We gave up and headed back to the bridge because there was a cache hidden there. I was so grateful Csnail had this backup geocache on her phone because I didn’t have it on my GPS. (And thank-you to the RCMP officer who gave us directions to the bridge).

It’s always fun to go under a bridge, so that is what we did. The person who hid this cache back in 2011 did so because their dog likes to take a drink here during walks.

This cache was winter friendly, and we each spotted it after a few minutes of mistakenly looking in the long grasses and trees. The contents of the green cache were bone dry and we were each able to sign our name (in regular size) in the log book.

For the majority of the afternoon, we were walking on a snowmobile trail. But when we went further into the woods we saw a squirrel and a grouse. I screamed in excitement when I saw it, and he flew away. Heading home, I stopped to take a picture of a waving snowman.