M.D. Cache


Today was a hit and miss day. Around 3:00 PM on Sunday, I went looking for “The Hill Top Cache”. The coordinates did lead me to a hill with a view.  I saw a playground, and buildings, and a fenced area but no cache. Even the clue, which was ‘East post of three’ didn’t help me locate it. I reluctantly trudged back to my car and continued on to the Cold Lake Municipal District Campground cache. I pulled into the entrance but the gates were up so I couldn’t drive in any further. But I saw a few people walking around with their dogs, so I got myself psyched-up for another walk through the snow and headed in. When I found myself on the other side of the gate, I was pleasantly surprised to find the road had been plowed so the snow wasn’t deep! It was beautiful walking past the campsites and the beach and seeing nothing but snow (and a disappearing dog). The walk in was about 500 meters, and I had to look for (another!) hill, certain numbers, and two trees of a certain type. To find all this, I had to veer off the plowed path and into lots of snow. I thought I would find it easily because someone had found this cache at the end of January. I assumed their footprints would lead me right there; but that didn’t happen. There were animal tracks everywhere; nothing really stood out. But I found the hill. I couldn’t find the hiding spot so I circled wider looking around all kinds of trees. I was scraped, pricked, and tripped and was on the way out when I saw a corner of something that didn’t look tree-like. That was it. I was never so happy to see the message that greeted me when I opened the ammo box.