Snow Fever Geocaching

This weekend, I headed down to the Cold Lake Marina to go geocaching so I could take part in Snow Fever. Snow Fever was a collaborative three day long Family Long Weekend event hosted by the City of Cold Lake, 4 Wing Cold Lake, the M.D. of Bonnyville, and Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort. I didn’t get to see the events on the base or the ski hill, but all along the marina, there were large ice sculptures. The first one you come to was interactive; you could stick your face through the snowflakes. Then there were ice couches, love seats, and chairs you could sit on, and a giant Tic Tac Toe board you could play.  On the lake itself there were an ice slide and a hockey rink. On the day I went, I saw a lot of vehicles on the lake too.There was no cost to enter the marina to see the Snow Fever sculptures.

I was able to see all of this as I walked down the marina to the cache. The clue was valuable to finding this one; but I parked on the wrong end of the marina and walked down the wrong path. There was no way I could reach where I had to go, even with a frozen lake between myself and the hiding spot so with a little bit of backtracking and starting over, I took the long way in and found the spot. Luckily it wasn’t summer because almost everyone who found this one on a warm day stated the spiders were atrocious in the hiding spot area. (There are pluses to geocaching in the winter!) I looked high at first, then low. It was not where I thought it was going to be; so I wasted a bit of time looking there first. I took the clue too literally. The cache was nano in size and not easy to find on a cold day. But I did eventually find it; this is one of those caches that has beautiful views all throughout the year.