Progress Update on the 30 Day Run/Walk/10,000 Steps Challenge

We are week one into the 30 Day Walk/Run/10,000 Steps Challenge. Our group of participants has grown! We have a Lakeland Connect reader from Bonnyville who is on the wall chart now, and a person who lives on 4 Wing Cold Lake. Thank-you for joining us. Now we have twenty-three people (up from sixteen) in the challenge. I have heard from several people that it’s motivating doing this as a group.

I know when I am running now, I think of the challenge and everyone else who’s doing it too. I have mostly been running indoors at the Cold Lake Energy Centre because the track upstairs is free for the public to use. For years, I have went to the gym at the same time of day, but this challenge has forced me out of my comfort zone and to try different times; it’s good to see new faces and activities happening around me as I run around in circles because it makes the 30 minute run go by faster. It also makes me feel mentally tougher when I finish the thirty minutes because it’s harder to run at times I am not used to. One day I was able to sneak on the track early before the lights were all on; I learned it’s fun to run in the dark! The cold weather has not stopped some people from walking outside though. I received a picture from one person who got all bundled up before she went outside for her thirty minute walk. A neighbour saw her and joked, “You better warn the Neighbourhood Watch that it’s you who’s walking around outside.” She also wrote on another day and said, ” Went walking today at the Marina. Lots of Family Day events going on. Wind was cold! Very cool ice sculptures. Also cool to sit on.” Someone has been sending me screen shots of how many steps they have did. (It took about 1. 5 hours to walk 10,000 steps at the Energy Centre track). And one person has been sending updates on what she listens to, music-wise, when she’s walking on the treadmill at her house. My favourite was the video clip she sent of herself walking on the treadmill early in the morning because she couldn’t sleep. She was singing to Adele that day.

I went and bought more star stickers from Staples for our public wall chart. Since doing this challenge and the yoga challenge last month, I find I am making other positive changes in other areas of my life too. So is another participant. She is limiting her coffee and TV viewing times and keeping track on a wall chart of her own she made for home. So thank-you to everyone who is doing this with us, and to all those who are reading; because that helps make us all accountable too! Please email [email protected] if you would like to start this challenge, or sign up for the next challenge; which will be the 30 Day Plank Challenge. That one will begin March 14, 2018.