Cold Lake Band Heading to L.A.


Joseph Clayton and Sean Sayers from the band Forge have recently signed a contract and will be heading to Los Angeles, California to work on their music. They are focusing on two of their singles; a soulful ballot, and a rock song. “Never Take Advantage was a song I wrote for my friend who passed away” said Clayton. “Don’t Bother is a song we haven’t played live before”.

Over the last few months, Clayton has been busy. He’s recently got a Cold Lake business license, and he’s built a recording studio. Different groups and organizations have been booking the studio for interviews, band practice, and recordings. Sayers, formerly from the band Angels to Ashes, has been writing songs with Clayton, and doing lead vocals for the band. “My aim is to make a change before I am gone,” said Clayton, who would love to be an ambassador for Cold Lake. “Everything is coming together.”