Lakeland Retro Video Game Tournament Results


On February 3rd, Red Ant Retro hosted a Street Fighter 2 Tournament at the Cold Lake Energy Centre. The event brought out competitors from the Lakeland area from as far away as St. Paul. Third place winner, Devin Lock, was the youngest participant at age 14. And the winner, Dan Waye is a competitive gamer who loves Street Fighter 2. Jason McMillan, owner of Red Ant Retro said, “Dan had been following along with the planning and announcements since it’s inception. He skillfully took the championship playing as Ryu.”

McMillen concluded, “Overall I think everyone had fun and got to enjoy a classic. We did have full seats at a couple points of the tournament, so it was nice to get a crowd out for our main event. The market had up around 200 people that stopped in to check out the various tables and booths. The Mini Arcade got plenty of use as well. People loved both the shooter cabinet (with Area 51 + Maximum Force) and the other standard upright cabinet that was housing a 2-player platform shooter Thunder Fox.”

McMillan hopes to hold similar tournaments in the future.

The champions of the Super Street Fighter 2 Tournament that was held in Cold Lake on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018 are as follows:

1st Place Dan Waye with Ryu
2nd Place Ellis Twerdohlib with M. Bison
3rd Place Devin Lock with Blanka

Runner ups:

4th Place Branden Bodnar with Cammy
5th Place Gary Reddekopp with Ken
6th Place Melanie Riley with Chung-Li