Are You Up for a 30 Day Challenge?

Instead of doing a 30 Day Challenge by myself this year, I decided to ask the people I work with in Cold Lake to participate with me. Six agreed. So then I asked the people I work with across the province if they wanted to do the challenge with us; fifty-three agreed. Seba Beach signed up 18 people. Chestermere had seven. Gibbons had seven. Jasper had two. Others came from Hinton, Grimshaw, Falher, Irricana, Redwater, Oyen, and Two Hills; in total, fifteen towns and cities outside of Cold Lake. Now, we’d like to extend the next challenge to everyone who reads Lakeland Connect.

Our first challenge, which began at the beginning of January, was inspired by Yoga Cold Lake. We kept track of our yoga on a wall chart; similar to the one used in the Yoga Cold Lake studio. And because our chart is out in the public, people saw and commented on it. This chart kept us accountable! Every week, participants emailed an update so we could put stars by their names. Some of the updates included photographs and comments like the ones below:

“Ashley left a message that she’s done her yoga every day since the start. She’s using a 30 day YouTube challenge, and kicking butt. “

“I’ve also kept up with the challenge, though in a scaled-down way. My 7-year-old daughter Annie Rose and I have been doing a round or two of sun salutations every day. We’ve done these together in the past, but it’s been nearly a year. I can’t believe how much flexibility I’d lost in that time! Thank goodness it only took a week to get most of it back.”

“Two-year-old Eddie joins us, so it’s been a wee chunk of family bonding every day. The kids tend to ‘creep up’ as we go through the stretches; by the time we get to the end of the first round, I’m bending into a ‘standing forward bend’ and getting kisses and giggles from both sides. We always end these quick, easy sessions with a round of high fives. What a beautiful way to start a day.”

“Thanks for posing this challenge. It’s enriched every single day so far in 2018!”

“I did something every day! Some days it was only 15 minutes but I made time for the mat every day. I have been saying for months I needed to make more time for yoga but this challenge pushed me to actually do it so a big THANK YOU for that!”

These two pictures came from Canmore:



Some unexpected benefits have come out of this challenge. I had more fun this year. I finished this year. I learned new poses. At work in Cold Lake, the staff got together on Wednesdays and did yoga together before our shift started. I made new contacts and friends. And I also overcame a fear; I did yoga in front of people. Not once; but four times.

The next 30 day challenge, which runs February 6 to March 7, will be walking or running for thirty minutes a day. If you don’t have access to a gym in your community, or a fitness machine at home, 10,000 steps can count as well. If you (or your family, friends, or co-workers) would like to join us, email [email protected] and we will add your name to our public wall chart. If you finish, your name goes into a prize draw. We will be posting weekly updates to Lakeland Connect under the 30 Day Challenge blog. Every thirty days of 2018 there will be a new challenge, so if you cannot join this month, maybe we will hear from you next month.