Marina View

Just before it got dark on Sunday, I found a cache called Marina View. It was originally hidden in 2016 by NNVN. Fourteen people have found it. It was not down by the marina as I was anticipating, but you can park there and then walk to it. It was a milder day than last weekend so there was no race to find it.

As I was walking to the cache along the lake shore, I saw Bed and Breakfasts and views of the lake. There were quite a few vehicles on the ice and people out ice fishing. I also saw a family walking on the ice and they were pulling a toboggan. I am happy I found this one in the winter because it is hidden on an incline. The snow helps keep your traction, because if you fall going down, like I did, you land in the snow. But it was all fun.

I was looking for a large bison tube in a tree. From my original angle, I couldn’t see it. As I was maneuvering my way further along this steep section into some thicker trees, I was crouched lower; and that’s when I saw it. The colour gave it away; that is what caught my eye. The blue tube. So I shuffled back to where I came from, passed something an animal left behind, and reached in to grab it. I made myself comfortable in the snow on the hill and opened the tube; one handed! This was my first time seeing these large buffalo tubes; they are my favourite of all the sizes now. The paper log sheet was a little bit damp, but not too wet to sign.

On my way home, I was reminded that I found my very first geocache about 500 metres away. It was a magnetic nano and it also had a view of the lake.