Under the Boardwalk

That sounded like a good place to be today, so I headed out to a cache that promised to be just that. The name of this cache had me convinced it was under “a boardwalk”. I wasn’t led to the water though, but when you park near the area, you see it in lights. Hidden back in 2012, this cache sometimes has a view of a certain carnival that tours the Lakeland in the summer. But that view is not around in January. It’s just fields of snow and trees.

I took the GPS and walked through the ditch of deep snow and stood under the boardwalk sign until I froze. I was looking everywhere it could be, and ignoring the fact that the GPS screen said I was 50 metres away from it. I thought, “No, it’s just the cold weather making the coordinates jump around. I will find it under here.” I saw a lot of cocoons and figured a caterpillar had disguised the container even more than the owner. I did check; found nothing in the cocoons. By this time I couldn’t feel my feet or hands so I was going to go back to my car.

But I decided to follow the GPS until the screen read 0 to 1 metres. I was lead under some big trees. As I looked around, I saw one film canister hanging from a branch. But I couldn’t reach it. There were too many branches in the way. When I finally did some hard reaching in for it, the canister was frozen shut. My disappointment didn’t last long though, because then I saw another canister. It was much bigger, and I could open it. I was so happy to see the log book, and I quickly wrote my geocaching name inside it.

On my way out of the area, I had to drive a bit to find a safe place to turn around. That is when I seen a patriotic scarecrow on a tractor. He looked as frozen as I felt. But once again, I had no regrets about taking the time today to go on an a little excursion. And as I write these memories down, I am listening to the boardwalk song that motivated me to go out in -25 temperatures.