Toy Box


Toy Box is a geocache hidden in the Lakeland area. It has been in it’s hiding spot under a tree since 2012. Fifty-one people have found it. And I loved looking at the pictures of those who had found it before me. There was a couple posing with the cache (and their first travel bug). A smiling preschooler, two older children with their arms in the toy box, and one of a man and his best friend. I had to park backward in the snow off a road to get to it because there was a sign warning people would be towed if they were on the street. And then I walked about 400 meters into the woods. I did lose sight of my car, but I saw lots of good things in the woods. Because there was deep snow everywhere, I saw chipmunk, deer, and rabbit footprints. There were many deep depressions in unique shapes in the snow, and lots of colourful tags on trees to follow for those who get lost. I was surrounded by forest, but the trees were scattered in such a way I could get around them easily. And the path, when you stay on it, was refreshing to walk down. Even if you are not a kid by definition, you still feel like a kid opening the lid of the toy box. I thoroughly searched it and took out a Transformer because I know a kid who will love it. And as I give it to him, I can tell him where it came from and about the people who maintain caches. There is joy and surprise when any cache is found, but this one tripled the intensity of those feelings for me. I always feel like all is well with the world when I geocache because the caches stand for the kindness and creativity and fun that goes into them.