Frozen Cache

The first geocache I found this year was frozen. The cache container was frozen to the ground. The lid was frozen shut. And the logbook inside was covered with ice, so I could not sign it. To get to this area, you veer off the Millennium Trial and through an area of cat tails. It wasn’t too far away from where I was parked, but it was so cold walking there my face went from burning to numb. When I went onto to log my find, their headquarters in Seattle sent me a souvenir called, “First Cache of 2018”.

The ammo can this cache was in comes with a story. The cache is officially called, “Thanks Dauphin- Your Legend Lives on”. It was hidden in 2015 by the Lakeland Geocachers because it is a ceremonial cache container. It was given to the Lakeland Geocachers in July of that year by the geocachers involved in the WestCan5 Geocaching Mega Event that happened in Dauphin, Manitoba in 2015. During the closing ceremony ritual, the ammo can was passed to the Lakeland Geocachers to be hidden in their area prior to the Mega Event they hosted in July 2016 in Cold Lake.

That all happened on the first day of this year. On the last day of 2017, there was an event in Lloydminster where geocachers could meet, earn souvenirs, and exchange travel bugs. I was not able to attend, but a local Cold Lake geocacher did. He said there was a good turnout. Bigscreen and Bosslady said, “We had such a great visit today. Met a couple new faces and many current friends. Shared some hand shakes and hugs. Thanks for the event”, and k+kfehr wrote, “A great way to end the year. Met some cachers I had not met before and chatted with familiar ones. Thank you for hosting this event. I enjoyed my time there.”

Because of all the good memories I have from geocaching in 2017 (and this first day of 2018), I am going to ensure I keep doing it in 2018.