STICK THIS: Raggy Tree Christmas Ornaments

These cute, country/primitive style trees are great ornaments for your tree or gifts for friends, family member, and teachers. They are quick and easy to make, but can be customized with a variety of colors.

Tie these on the outside of presents as a re-usable part of the wrapping, attach them to garland on your mantle or stair railing, or make the hanging loop large enough to hang these on your door knobs.

The size of the tree is determined by the “base”, a stick of your choosing. Using a cinnamon stick makes a cute little ornament with a wonderful scent.


– wooden stick or cinnamon stick

– strips of fabric approximately 1″ wide (various lengths)

– scissors

– string, ribbon or twine

– star or button for the top

– glue

1. Begin with shorter pieces of fabric at the top of your stick and tie them securely to the stick. You can use all one pattern/color of fabric per tree or a variety.

2. Continue tying strips of fabric around the stick until you have about 3/4 of the stick covered.

Trim the ends of the fabric strips so they form a tree shape.

3. Tie or glue on a hanging loop a the top. Glue on a star or button at the top.

DONE! Aren’t these cute?! And easy to do. You can add a bit of twine or wire around the bottom of the stick to accessorize the trunk too. Enjoy!