Barb Wired

Barb Wired was hidden in the Lakeland in 2012. Forty-nine people have found it. Some gave it a favourite rating. I had been passing it by because I thought it would involve barbed wire and I didn’t want to have to untangle or duck under something that was connected to something that sharp. But as usual, I was intrigued because of what I had read about it and I wanted to see for myself.

The coordinates take you deep enough into the woods where you lose sight of the road you parked on. There was no clear path, so I made my own through the snow. My GPS was jumping around but I eventually got to the spot. It is associated with a tree, but there are lots of trees to look in. This cache is camouflaged in a way I have never seen before, nor imagined ever coming across in the woods.

This is my first time discovering a cache container like this one. Because part of the cache was uncovered, water had seeped inside, and the log book was too wet for me to sign with my pencil. But I took some pictures to show the owner if requested.

Here are what some others said about this cache:  North Arrow said, “Was just hanging around today, so I thought I’d snare this one…” Another person said, “Not what I expected…Felt a little uncomfortable as I searched for the logbook”. Hip2Hip said it totally creeped her out. This cache has also been called “freaky”, “twisted”, and “crazy”. It left Geofun MW speechless, “I don’t know how to comment on this one”, and it gave CDM, “the hebejeebees”.

Sometimes, caches get new owners; they are transferred to or adopted by another geocacher. This is what happened to Barb Wired. It appears to be in good hands. I didn’t want to post a picture of this find because it would ruin the effect of seeing it with your own eyes.