Foxy Cache

A geocacher who goes by the name GunNut had this to say about the cache I decided to search for this weekend in the rain. “Name says it all. Never looked up a foxes butt before. Lol!! Nice hide. Tftc”. I can interpret this. The name of the cache was Foxy Cache, hence the reference to the name. Tftc means thanks for the cache. I was not sure why he reference that part of the fox, and why it was funny, but I went to the coordinates to find out. I almost left because there was a lot of people around, and when I did go searching, I couldn’t find it. However, when I thought maybe this isn’t a winter-friendly cache, and searched a little harder, I found it. YES! I quickly dismantled the hiding spot, and signed the log book. It did involve a fox.

Next stop was to a cache that was entitled, “Thanks Cold Lake Cachers”. I liked the greeting, and the recognition of a city in the area. It was down a snow covered back alley. Cold Lake seems to have a lot of these back roads. Although it was snow covered and not plowed, I got my vehicle down to where I was close to the GPS compass saying I was a few meters away from the cache. After searching around the obvious spots, I started putting my hands on anything that could unscrew. That is when I took the top off a pole and felt inside. I pulled out a magnetic cache. Geocachers who find this one must do so with caution otherwise the cache could be pushed or dropped to far down the pole and you’d never retrieve it again. This area too had more traffic then I like to be around when geocaching. I prefer to see no one walk or drive by me when I am searching because in my mind, I look silly and/or up to no good.

I meant to stop and take a picture of a life-size (cardboard) Christmas camel I saw on my way home, but I forgot. I’ll include him in a future write-up if I drive by him again.